CHIANTI Wine Vinegar

Pope Clement IX, born Giulio Rospigliosi, the only Pistoian pontiff. His period at the Roman Curia was short but very fruitful, and he is also remembered for his work as a librettist and for his contribution in determining the tastes and orientations of seventeenth-century Roman melodrama. Pope Rospigliosi had a splendid villa surrounded by olive trees built on the hills of Montalbano, as evidence of his family’s bond with this territory. Villa Rospigliosi, built on a project by Bernini, is elegant and majestic, with a typically Tuscan background of rolling hills full of olive trees.


Rospigliosi vinegar, made from Chianti D.O.C.G. it is left to age in oak barrels.

Wine vinegar CHIANTi D.O.C.G. Antioxidant E224. Acidity 7,5%. Contains sulphites. Available in: 500ml.